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  1. Objects. The objects of the Bodmin Chamber of Commerce, Trade and Industry ("the Chamber") shall be to promote and protect the Trade, Commerce and Manufacturers of Bodmin and to consider all questions connected therewith, to collect and disseminate statistical and other information relating to Trade, Commerce and Manufacture, to promote or oppose legislative or other measures affecting the above interests, and to do all other things incidental to the attainment of the above objects
  2. Membership. The membership of the Chamber shall be open to members of the professions, and all persons, Firms, or Institutions engaged in, or connected with, the Trading, Commercial and Manufacturing activities centred around Bodmin town.
  3. Executive. The business of the Chamber shall be managed by the Officers comprising President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and those ordinary members attending monthly meetings.
  4. Executive Vacancies. Should an elected Officer be absent from all meetings for the space of six months, the Chamber shall have the power to declare the seat vacant. Any such vacancy or any vacancy occurring from death, resignation or otherwise shall be filled by the Chamber forthwith and the term of the Office of the member so elected shall be only for the unexpired period of his/her predecessor
  5. Mode of Admission. A candidate for Membership shall be proposed and seconded by Members at any General Meeting, provided the annual subscription as defined in rule 6 accompanies such propositlon.
  6. Subscription. The payment in advance of an Annual Subscription of not less than £20 shall constitute Membership carrying one vote, such subscription to be due and payable on the 1st day of January in each year. Firms and Institutions may nominate only one representative, whose name shall be sent to the Secretary with the Subscription. Members joining during the year shall pay the proportion calculated as from the preceding quarter day. Persons connected with Member Firms may become Associate Members on payment of an Annual Subscription of £10. The Nominated Member being absent, his/her deputy may vote in his place.
  7. Arrears of Subscription. Any member three months in default of payment forfeits his/her right to Membership.
  8. Introduction of Subjects. Every Member of the Chamber shall be entitled to propose in writing any subject relevant to the objects of the Chamber and every Member shall, at all times convenient, be at liberty to confer with the Officers of the Chamber upon the subject of such written proposal.
  9. General Meetings. The monthly General Meetings of the Chamber shall be held on the 2nd Tuesday in each month or as otherwise determined by the General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in February of which not less than seven days written notice shall be given. A quorum shall consist of two officers and a minimum of three ordinary members.
  10. Special Meetings. The Chairman and/or Secretary shall immediately contact as many of the Officers as possible who shall by majority decision decide whether an Emergency Meeting shall be called.
  11. Notice of Meetings and Votings. All Meetings of the Chamber shall be convened by the distribution of an Agenda. At such Meetings all questions shall be determined by a majority of the Members present and voting thereat, and the Chairman of the Meeting shall have a casting vote which he/she will use only when a ballot or voting has not produced a majority. In the absence of the President, Chairman and the Vice-Chairman, the Meeting shall elect its own Chairman.
  12. Politics Excluded. The Chamber being instituted for Commercial and General purposes, and comprising among its Members persons of all political opinions, questions of Party Politics, general or local are entirely excluded .
  13. Exclusion of Members. Should a member by his or her actions bring discredit on the Chamber, he/she may be called before the Chamber and asked to give account for his/her actions. Should it be so decided and agreed by a General Meeting, he/she may be expelled from the Chamber. Any Member so expelled will forfeit any membership fees already paid.
  14. Election of Officers. All Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting for a period of one year only. Officers shall be eligible for re-election. A secret Ballot shall be held for the Officers at all times when such Office comes up for election when more than one nomination is accepted. Vacancies occurring during the year shall be filled at the ordinary monthly meetings of Members, replacements being for the term of the vacated Office. There shall be a quorum when five Members of the Chamber are present including any two Officers one of whom shall be elected Chairman of that Meeting.
  15. Reports. At the Annual General Meeting, the Treasurer shall present a Statement of Accounts of the Chamber made up to 31st December preceding year duly certified by the Auditors who shall be elected at the December Meeting.
  16. Offices. The Chamber shall have power to take offices for the use of the Chamber, and fix salaries of the Secretary and other such Officers as may be found necessary for the conduct of the business of the Chamber.
  17. Duties of the Secretary. The Secretary shall conduct correspondence of the Chamber, arrange the business of all Meetings, keep the minutes of the proceedings, draw up reports, Petitions and Memorials, and perform such duties as may be determined from time to time. He/she shall, with the assistance of the Officers as a whole, watch all bills before Parliament affecting the interests of Trade and Commerce, and the subjects under the notice of Chambers of Commerce in other places. All books, documents, records and papers shall be preserved by the Secretary and accessible to the Members of the Chamber.
  18. Payment of Accounts. The assets of the Chamber shall be vested in the Officers of the Chamber for the time being, and the Accounts shall be paid by cheque, which shall be signed by two of the Officers : The President, The Chairman, The Vice-chairman, Treasurer, or Secretary.
  19. Notice of Motion. Any Member of the Chamber wishing to propose a Motion on any subject not included in the Agenda of the Meetings shall send a copy of such Motion to the Secretary at least seven days prior to the day of Meeting. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Chamber may discuss, pass a resolution upon, or take action in any matter ruled by the Chairman as Important or Urgent.
  20. Alteration of Rules. No alteration shall be made in these Rules, except at a General Meeting by a majority of two-thirds of the members present voting, such notice of proposed alteration to be given to the Secretary in writing at least 14 days prior to the date of such General Meeting, and such proposal shall be placed on the notice convening the Meeting.
  21. Affiliation. The Chamber may be affiliated or enter into an alliance with any Organisation having similar objects in view. To be decided by a majority of the Chamber present voting.

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